What is the maximum range of WIFI router?

The RT-AC88U is Asus’ brand new actual twin-band router, now not to say the satisfactory router the organization has had to provide to date.best WIFI router

It’s the first domestic router with eight Gigabit LAN ports with extra guide for Dual-WAN (one of the LAN ports can be transformed into a WAN port) and port aggregation (two of the LAN ports may be mixed into a unmarried superfast connection.)

(Note: Asus also makes the RT-AC3100, which is essentially similar to the RT-AC88U, inclusive of its look, but which has simply four LAN ports.)

On top of that, it has a strong and fun-to-use Web interface, a slew of terrific network-monitoring features, a integrated VPN server, and the potential protect your house network from malware and intruders. What’s greater, the router supports MU-MIMO, and includes unique capabilities for game enthusiasts. In all, I’ve in no way visible a router with greater to provide than the RT-AC88U.

Performance-sensible, the router excelled in my tests, turning in top Wi-Fi information prices, long variety and a solid wireless sign. If you are inside the marketplace for a pinnacle-notch home router with little compromise, you cannot cross wrong with the RT-AC88U. But at $280, it’s now not reasonably-priced. If you have the money, although, it is worth the funding — especially for users with lofty desires. (Pricing for the United Kingdom and Australia have now not been introduced, however the US price works out to round £185 and AU$390 at present day alternate fees.) It’s also a higher purchase than different, more highly-priced routers including the Netgear X8 AC5300 or maybe the Asus’ personal AC5300 router, the RT-AC5300. Each of those has have a high fee tag, however does not offer almost as plenty.
AC3100 vs. Ac5300
The naming conventions of Wi-Fi routers has usually been perplexing. Since the advent of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi preferred, there have been many Wi-Fi designations, consisting of AC1750, AC1900, AC3200, AC5300… And now we’ve got ourselves the new AC3100, which — to make topics worse — D-Link definitely calls AC3150.

The numbers following “AC ” refers to the total Wi-Fi bandwidth a router has. Companies calculate this number via including the top speed for every band of the router. For example, an AC1900 router, together with the Asus RT-AC68U, has a pinnacle speed of one,300Mbps at the 5Ghz band and 600Mbps on the two.4Ghz band. Add those numbers and also you get 1,900. Though most routers are dual-band (meaning they have got two bands, one on the 5Ghz frequency and the other on the 2.4Ghz frequency), a few routers come with an additional band on the 5Ghz frequency and are aptly named “tri-band” routers. No rely how many bands a router might have, your tool connects to handiest one band at a time. This is one of the reasons why the AC designation wide variety can be misleading, because it would not display how rapid a unmarried purchaser can connect to a router.
So how fast is AC3100? As shown on the charts above, an AC3100 router is as fast as an AC5300 router, each sharing the equal pinnacle speed on the 5Ghz band of 2,167Mbps and 1,000Mbps on the 2.4Ghz. Note that those are just the top speeds on paper. In actual-world utilization, the real sustained velocity of a Wi-Fi connection is always an awful lot lower than the theoretical velocity.

The RT-AC88U uses the Broadcom NitroQAM chipset, that is the identical chipset used in contemporary AC5300 routers along with the RT-AC5300, or the Netgear R8500. The only difference is the RT-AC88U does not have the extra 5Ghz band. That said, the handiest time when you will discover the difference among an AC3100 router and an AC5300 router, in phrases of Wi-Fi speeds, is if you have 10 extra or concurrent lively 5Ghz clients at the identical community. In this case, an AC5300 router, thanks to its two 5Ghz bands, can support greater concurrent customers with out slowing them down.